Project 351

Brand identity, brand and event collateral, print management


Project Timeline

September 2012 – January 2013


Project Management Duties

• Brainstorming about the overall creative strategy and possible collateral.

• Managing the project scope, goals, and final deliverables.

• Coordinating with creative staff and print vendors to create and implement the Project 351 brand.

• Managing the printing and delivery of several items of collateral on behalf of Project 351.

• Delivering project timelines and month-end reports.


Project Description

Project 351 celebrates the power of young people as a force for positive change in their communities and in Massachusetts by nominating an 8th grader from every city and town for a year of service.


Project 351 is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization fueled by the passion of our 8th grade ambassadors, families, alumni, educators, partners, and a coalition of high-impact service and non-profit organizations.


Before coming to 451 Marketing, Project 351 had been using a brand identity to represent city signs in Massachusetts.  While using this branding, they recognized the following challenges:

• Eighth graders didn’t identify with it, they thought of it as boring. 

• The eighth graders act as ambassadors of the brand so it needed to be something they were proud to represent.

• In a competitive and crowded landscape, they were often confused with the Mass351 Project, which follows a couple visiting all 351 Massachusetts towns.

• The organization’s mission was not clear or visible; there was no tie back to Massachusetts.

• Project 351 speaks to several different audiences and the identity needed to be approachable for each.  These audiences include 8th graders, government and elected officials, educators, family members, alumni, service partners, investors, and media.


451 Marketing developed a brand identity for Project 351 that was youthful and distinguished.  The brand identity was then implemented through the nomination collateral of the next class that was sent to superintendents and educators throughout the state of Massachusetts.  In December, Governor Deval Patrick hosted a breakfast with several Massachusetts-based companies to raise awareness for Project 351.  451 Marketing was responsible for creating the event collateral for this event.


The 2013 class kicked off their year of service in January.  451 Marketing developed the tshirts and event collateral for the kick-off, as well as volunteered beside Governor Deval Patrick and other corporate sponsors of Project 351.

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