BIO International Massachusetts Pavilion

Brand identity, trade show design, copywriting, photography, video


Project Timeline

2012 Pavilion:  December 2011-April 2012

2013 Pavilion:  November 2012-March 2013


Project Management Duties

• The pavilion included 30+ Massachusetts-based sponsors.  451 Marketing was responsible for including equal amounts of content for each sponsor and representing their brand according to standard.  In the end, all content had to go through the legal approval of each sponsor.  Project management responsibilities included managing the relationship and approval process for each sponsor.

• 10+ patient interviews.

• Defining the target audience and brainstorming about the overall creative strategy.

• Managing the project scope, goals, and final deliverables.

• Coordinating with creative staff, copywriters, video production teams, photographers, and printers to meet timelines and deliver the creative.

• Arranging photography and video appointments

• Delivering project timelines, month-end reports, and coordinating with account management for invoicing and billing.


Project Description

Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio) is a state association of more than 600 biotechnology companies, universities, academic institutions, and others that are dedicated to advancing cutting edge research in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In preparation for the 2012 BIO International Convention, an event that hosted more than 16,000 biotechnology industry leaders in Boston, MassBio hired 451 Marketing to create a pavilion to leverage their presence and promote the Massachusetts biotech cluster.


451 Marketing was responsible for creative development and execution of MassBio’s presence at the conference with goals of engaging visitors, attracting high-level decision makers, and being recognized as a main attraction at the event. The pavilion included 30+ Massachusetts-based sponsors.  451 Marketing was also responsible for including equal amounts of content for each sponsor and representing their brand according to standard.  The entire project, a 7,700 square foot pavilion, was to be completed in less than six months.


451 Marketing created the brand “Lifecycle Massachusetts” to represent the Massachusetts biotech cluster. The brand concept developed from Massachusetts’ ability to impact all aspects of a patient’s treatment from discovery to manufacturing to delivery or the biotechnology lifecycle.


Photos and stories of real Massachusetts-based patients were used to tell the story of the biotechnology lifecycle. The continuity of a DNA double-helix graphically represented the flow of the “Massachusetts Lifecycle” and was apparent throughout the pavilion design. Massachusetts-based sponsor logos highlighted the companies and their involvement in a specific patient’s drug development.


The pavilion was an incredible success throughout the course of the conference. 16,505 total attendees visited the pavilion and 1,300 visitor leads were collected-almost doubling the leads collected in the previous year. The pavilion hosted more than 30 partner meetings in addition to the multiple meetings taking place informally throughout the event. Attendees acknowledged the pavilion as a central hub and meeting spot throughout the conference.


In the fall of 2012, 451 Marketing was honored with a MarCom Award placing Gold in Trade Show Exhibit Design for the Massachusetts Lifecycle Pavilion.


The 2013 Conference will be based in Chicago.  Since it is in Chicago, the size and presence of the Massachusetts Pavilion is much smaller but the goals are the same.  Working with MassBio, 451 Marketing continued the “Lifecycle Massachusetts” theme with the stories of four new patients and 10+ sponsors.  451 Marketing is also managing the video production for the 2013 Pavilion.

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