Brand positioning and messaging, brand identity, corporate collateral, targeted email campaign


Project Timeline

July – December 2012


Project Management Duties

• Brainstorming with the rest of the creative team, the digital marketing team, the public relations team, and management about the integrative marketing strategy.

• Acting as the liaison for the client on behalf of 451 Marketing.

• Managing the project scope, goals, and deliverables over various projects.

• Coordinating with the creative staff and copywriters to develop the brand position and identity.

• Managing the development and delivery of the email marketing campaigns and landing pages.

• Delivering project timelines, and coordinating with account management for invoicing and billing.

• Representing the creative team in meetings with the client and the 451 Marketing social, search, and public relations teams.


Project Description

Awareness is a social media monitoring tool.  451 Marketing was asked by Awareness to develop messaging to better position their brand to potential clients.  451 Marketing began the process by defining the target markets and creating matching personas.  From there, we created value proposition statements that evolved into positioning statements.  After the positioning and messaging exercise, 451 Marketing translated the findings into a marketing campaign that effectively communicated the product benefits to the target audience.


The 451 Marketing creative team then used the findings in the positioning and messaging exercise to create a new brand identity for Awareness.  The logo was then brought to life through several pieces of brand collateral.


With the brand fully developed, 451 Marketing launched the marketing campaign through a targeted email and landing page to generate leads and raise awareness about the social media monitoring tool.

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